Mar 09 2017

The battle goes on

We would be liars if we told you that, inside our team, we had never thought or expected that this event could ever happen. We all knew it would, but we had never imagined that Nolan would not see us on the starting line.

Giving up was an option. We have talked about it, even though, in fact, we were sure we would not  surrender. Our sadness is deep, but has nothing to do with the sorrow that Nolan’s parents and brothers have had to endure since Nolan passed away.

Their courage and their determination were and are still a model to follow, the battle they waged and led until the end must go on. This is why we go on too. It would be a non-sense to stop now. This challenge obviously looks somewhat crazy: yet, we are not superhuman.Real supermen and superwomen are the children and the adults who fight every day against diseases, and their relatives and friends who help them in these battles. Kudos to all of them.

We would like to thank all the people who have been supporting us, friends or anonymous, but also all our sponsors and the media whose gestures of sympathy have been a real source of comfort. And, above all, thank you for all your messages to Nolan’s family: rest assured that they will all be forwarded.

Maybe it is just wishful thinking, but the battle goes on.
To foster research on rare diseases in our countries.
To prevent other parents from living such dramas.
To help each and every child have a child’s life.
In memory of Nolan.

Mar 08 2017

In memory of Nolan

It is with profound sadness that we have just been told about Nolan’s passing.
Our thoughts are with Karine, Stéphane, Hugo, Sasha and all his family.

Is his memory, we are hitting the road on April 1 st just as planned.


Jul 23 2014

Gibraltar 2017: a 5,000-km ride for Nolan

Gibraltar 2017 is a 5,000-km cycle journey, scheduled for April and May 2017, which aims at increasing public awareness of disability and raising funds for an association: “Ensemble avec Nolan” (“Together with Nolan”)

This is no first-time situation for Michel Fontaine. In 2011, he cycled between Brittany and the North Cape. In 2013, he cycled across Brittany and Normandy. He has also scheduled a 4-day walk on the GR-34 footpath (along the Brittany coastline) for 2015. But Michel’s next big target is Gibraltar in 2017, driven by several causes he has long committed to:
- raising axareness of disability
- emphasing solidarity, spirit of sharing and gift of self through the experience of three generations
- financing Nolan’s treatment against the Canavan disease in the USA.

Stay with us and follow up the preparations for this new adventure, and relive the best moments of the previous journeys!