Jul 23 2014

Gibraltar 2017: a 5,000-km ride for Nolan and Association FégréAction

Gibraltar 2017 is a 5,000-km cycle journey, scheduled for April and May 2017, which aims at increasing public awareness of disability and raising funds for two associations: “Ensemble avec Nolan” (“Together with Nolan”) and “FégréAction”.

This is no first-time situation for Michel Fontaine. In 2011, he cycled between Brittany and the North Cape. In 2013, he cycled across Brittany and Normandy. He has also scheduled a 4-day walk on the GR-34 footpath (along the Brittany coastline) for 2015. But Michel’s next big target is Gibraltar in 2017, driven by two causes he has long committed to:
- financing Nolan’s treatment against the Canavan disease in the USA.
- helping Chloé purchase the computer hardware she needs to continue her education and improve her independence.

Stay with us and follow up the preparations for this new adventure, and relive the best moments of the previous journeys!