Who’s who ?

Texte traduit par / Text translated by  : Franck Goethals – “Les Traductions du Sillon” 


Who is involved?

Michel Fontaine will travel in self-sufficiency conditions. He will pull a trailer that contains everything he needs to live
on his own several days in a row: tent, clothes, food, navigation system…
Anyhow, a support vehicle will follow him, from a certain distance, all along the journey. On board: repair supplies,
food, toilets and shower, but also an Internet connection, that will help the team keep in touch with partners.
In addition, in the different stopover towns, it will help set up an Information Point where people can find pictures and
explanations about the project.

This (camper-like) vehicle has also been designed to be more than a mobile workshop/office.
It will also be a home for a 4-person stepfamily: two working adults in their thirties, and two children (aged 10 and 11 in
2017), who will give up their jobs, schools and home to live this two-month social and human adventure.
They will sometimes follow a different road, and share their impressions and experiences with pictures and videos they
will post on the site “Gibraltar 2017″. Surfers will also be offered to follow the family thanks to various challenges taken
up all along the journey.
One (or several) school(s) in the region of Redon (in the Ille-et-Vilaine department) will be offered to set up educational
projects, and short immersion periods in Spanish and Portuguese schools have been planned too.

Self-financing is one of the bases of this journey. Each and every actor in the project invests his/her own funds. For
example, Michel has worked several weeks as an apple and lily of the valley picker to finance his 2015 journey.
Moreover, all those who have a job will travel during their holidays or take an unpaid leave.
The team is also searching for partners who could help reduce the costs of the journey (e.g. equipment lending, unpaid
accomodation offers, etc.).


Last update : October 17th, 2017

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