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Michel Fontaine (Bike-trip)

Texte traduit par / Text translated by  : Franck Goethals – “Les Traductions du Sillon” 


Michel Fontaine is a sporty and big-hearted pensioner from Langon (in the Ille-et-Villaine department). He has refused to be one more asbestos victim and decided to live life to the fullest. He uses his spare time to support causes that are close to his heart. He rides his bike all year long, almost 10,000 km, to help others.
His motto: “guts instead of dough !“.

In 2011, this led him to start – on his own – a 6,000 km trip between Nantes and the North Cape, in order to collect donations for a friend of his (double leg amputee) who needed a new wheelchair and an association which breeds guide dogs.
This was a successful challenge: he collected €2,800 for the association and €2,770 to fully finance the wheelchair.

In June 2013, Michel Fontaine rides his bike once more for a new challenge: “Bretagne-Normandie à vélo : 1 130 kilomètres pour sensibiliser au handicap” (“A bike journey between Brittany and Normandy: 1,130 km to raise awareness of disability”), in partnership with Le Foyer de Vie des Glycines (a home home for disabled adults in Pipriac, Ille-et-Villaine). All collected funds were donated to the FégréAction association (Fégréac, Loire-Atlantique).
Michel rode 1,200 km in 12 stages and collected €2,000 to help FégréAction finance adapted equipment for two sight-impaired sisters, Marine and Chloé.

In May 2015, for the first time in his new “career”, Michel gave up his bike and decided to walk between Cap Fréhel (in northern Brittany) and the Mont Saint-Michel (in Normandy). In this 4-day and 150-kilometer trip along the GR34 footpath, Michel and other hikers collected almost €2,000 for the association “Ensemble avec Nolan”.

 In May 2016, Michel started biking again for a 400-kilometer training trip across the French department Ille-et- Vilaine and the Channel Island of Jersey.
This one-week trip took place under “live” conditions and was dedicated to Lucie, a teenager affected by the Febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome (FIRES).
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Last update : October 17th, 2016

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